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NQ330 CE mode solution

Question asked by zhao xiaoqing on May 19, 2020
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We want to use NQ330 to achieve payment function. Based on our project, the system is freertos running on  MCU. I noticed there were three interfaces on the NQ330, UART and SPI, SWP. The following list show my concern.

1. If I don't use SWP, how can I use uart and SPI to achieve payment function?

2. For the aim of the security, how can I map the Secure Element? Is it possible to put in inside NQ330? or I need to use SD card which can communicate with NQ330 by SPI?

3. If there are some documents showing the solution and processing flow, demo code about payment function which this NQ330 support. Please help to share it.


Thank you very much for your help and effort, really appreciate it.