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Adding a Release configuration

Question asked by Matthew Mishrikey on May 19, 2020

If I make a new project from a design example, I notice some different behavior depending on whether I am using the standard example or the SDK example.


Standard example hello world I get four configurations, combinations of debug, release, flash, and ram:

configurations 1


If I do the same from the SDK RTM hello world example, I get four configurations, two debug for PEmicro, and two debug for Segger jlink:


configurations SDK


I'm using the jlink, so I would delete the PEmicro configurations.  But I do need to add in Release_FLASH and Release_RAM configurations that are missing.


What are the exact steps needed to accomplish this? If I click New, it seems that there are some other actions that need to be taken first?  I think I need to add a build configuration in the project C/C++ build properties first:


If I use the default configurations, the build settings and paths are not right and the project doesn't build. 


If I copy the configurations from the existing debug configurations, the settings are not right for Release.


I wonder if there is a guide somewhere about the right steps to take, or some advice about an easier way forward.