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imx8mm evk HABv4 problem

Question asked by Aber fu on May 19, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Yuri Muhin

Dear nxp

    use   i.MX_Android_Security_User_Guide.pdf documents verification 8mm HABv4 Funtion,the motherboard cannot start or burn. What caused this problem. Have you encountered such a problem.

Stay here for the log below:

This script is validated with uuu 1.2.135 version, please align with this version.
dtbo is supported
dual slot is supported
generate lines to flash u-boot-imx8mm.imx to the partition of bootloader0
generate lines to flash partition-table.img to the partition of gpt
generate lines to flash dtbo-imx8mm.img to the partition of dtbo_a
generate lines to flash boot.img to the partition of boot_a
generate lines to flash system.img to the partition of system_a
generate lines to flash vendor.img to the partition of vendor_a
generate lines to flash vbmeta-imx8mm.img to the partition of vbmeta_a
uuu script generated, start to invoke uuu with the generated uuu script
uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips -- libuuu_1.3.102-8-g003b6cb

Success 0 Failure 0
1:1 1/ 0 [ ]
Success 0 Failure 0
1:1 1/ 1 [ ] SDP: boot -f u-boot-imx8mm-evk-uuu.imx
Success 0 Failure 0
1:1 1/ 1 [=====> 16% ] SDP: boot -f u-boot-imx8mm-evk-uuu.imx
Success 0 Failure 0


Reference documents for operation steps:

3.1.2 Verifying images with HABv4