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FlexSPI read flash by AHB and IP commands

Question asked by Armand Ciejak on May 19, 2020
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by Felipe García



We are using the i.MX RT1060 with a NOR flash. The flash is read by AHB commands by the processor to fetch instructions (XIP) and we have a driver which also reads data from the flash at boot time but by IP commands.


Using a mix of AHB access and IP command to read the flash seems to be the source of problems when booting the system. I've read the reference manual and didn't find indication that this cannot be done. Did I miss something?


In the reference manual in chapter 27.5.11 Command Arbitration page 1665 it is written "AHB read command could be aborted by any new IP command or AHB command request when it's prefetching data (not for current read burst)."

What happens when such an abort happens ?


Thanks for your help.