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MCUXpresso config tool command line dont work

Question asked by squareroot on May 18, 2020
Latest reply on May 27, 2020 by squareroot

Hi, I created a new project in:

MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.1 [Build 3241] [2020-03-02]

and tried to autogenerate bsp files using command line and standalone version of MCUXpresso config tool:

Version and Build id:

The project is located in:

λ pwd

The directory tree in the project is standard one (I skipped uninteresting folders) :

λ tree /f
Folder PATH listing
Volume serial number is 0ED0-4231
│   .cproject
│   .project
│   good_example_bsp.mex

│       language.settings.xml

│       board.c
│       board.h
│       clock_config.c
│       clock_config.h
│       pin_mux.c
│       pin_mux.h

I formulated the following command:

λ tools.exe -noSplash -application com.nxp.swtools.framework.application -consoleLog -Load C:\user\workspaces\mcuxpresso_11_1_1_first\good_example_bsp\good_example.mex -HeadlessTool Pins -ExportAll C:\user\workspaces\mcuxpresso_11_1_1_first\good_example_bsp\board -SDKVersion ksdk2_0

This command does not work - it does not regenerate deleted pin_mux.c and other files in board folder. There is no console log. How can I repair this?