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RT1062:Screen flicker was found after entering the APP from BOOTLOADER after the watchdog reset system

Question asked by 诺 朱 on May 18, 2020
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

Dear Friend,

      I Created two  project,one was bootloader to run some flash-copy and jump to app ,another one was my app.The bootloader was start 0x20000000,and my app was started on 0x80200000, I had two 64MB flash on 0x80000000~0x84000000; Today i found that when bootloader had more delay before jump (10ms to 10s),if app's wdog reboot system ,the screen flicker was found .  This was not the case if I perform a hardware reset operation, such as deenergizing and reenergizing.

     The sdk i used with 2.4.1sdk -2.6.0 sdk about RT1060.

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