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Some problems about JN-AN-1247

Question asked by 德平 吕 on May 17, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez


When I use the JN-AN-1247 in JN5189,I find a few bug.
I set specific chip to JN5189 in makefile,then compile it.
1、I program the binary file into flash memory of JN5189,then start network by ZGWUI.But Sometimes it is faile to Start NWK ,the LED(DIO0,DIO3) still turn on,Permit Join fail.
2、Sometimes it is successful to Start NWK and Permit Join,the EndDEVICE starte Network Steering ,wait a long time,the device still unable to join network.

After I implement Erase PD by ZGWUI,No more of the above two problems.

3、Sometimes when I set Permit Join Interval to 0x1C,the time of Permit Join and LED falsh is not 1 minute.Set others value of Interval ,the Permit Join Interval  and the time of LED falsh is correct.

please help me to solve these problems,thank you!