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LTIB: adding extra free space in rootfs.jffs2 without losing compression

Question asked by Guest on Apr 23, 2009
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Hi all.

I use LTIB to build a jffs2 filesystem for a Linux iMX31 project with 32MB of flash available.

Launching ltib leaving at the default value (DEPLOYMENT_PADDING_KB = 0) the option "Allocate extra space (Kbytes)", my original rootfs is successfully compressed in a rootfs.jffs2 file, reducing the size from about 40MB to about 15MB.

But doing that, I cannot create a new file because the filesystem does not have any free space left.


If I use the above mentioned option adding, for example, 1000KB in order to obtain a 15+1MB filesystem, I obtain a rootfs.jffs2 file of about 41MB!

In fact, reading in the ltib/bin/ file, if I set a value different from 0, the --pad=X option is added to the mkfs.jffs2 command, where X is $fs_size + DEPLOYMENT_PADDING_KB, so it creates a file of that dimension and apparently with no compression.


So, how can I add extra free space to my filesystem without losing compression?


Many thanks in advance!



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