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S32K142 FLEXCAN low power modes

Question asked by julian.yeoh on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by Alexis Andalon

Using S32K142 with S32 SDK


1) Using the CAN PAL component from Processor Expert, are there any APIs that allow us to put the FlexCAN hardware into a low power mode?


2) If I am using the FLEXCAN driver component from Processor Expert instead, there is an API called FLEXCAN_DRV_ConfigPN() that lets me put the hardware into Pretended Mode which is a low power mode. But if I would like to use an even lower power mode (similar to the Sleep mode of the MSCAN of the S9KEA), is this possible? Can I make the CAN hardware to go to sleep (not trying to match CAN IDs) and then generate an interrupt that wakes the CPU from Stop mode when there is a change at the RX pin.


Sorry if I missed this information from the documentation.