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how to continuously try to auto connect?

Question asked by baert jonas on Apr 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by netra

hey I'm using the coldfire-lite tcp client. The board that I'm using is m52233DEMO.I can connect to the server this is working fine. But I wan't to know how to program my board to try continuously make a connection even if the server is not running.  But when I reset or shutdown the server or the board the board has to reconnect but that isn't working.


some information about the server: The server auto drops the connection when there is no reply of board the server knows this because the board is sending a keep_alive to the server. When there is no keep_alive send the server wait's for about 5s and then disconnect the board.


this is a part of code of my tcp_init


int freescale_tcp_init()

    const char* loginname;
    semaphore                         = 0;
    flash_ffs_lockout                 = 0;
    emg_tcp_communication_socket     = INVALID_SOCKET;
    // Init message queue for MINI_TCP socket interface
    msring_init(&emg_tcp_msring, emg_tcp_msring_buf, sizeof(emg_tcp_msring_buf) / sizeof(emg_tcp_msring_buf[0]));

    // Init a socket structure with our Port Number
    emg_tcp_sin.sin_addr.s_addr     = (SERVER_IP);
    emg_tcp_sin.sin_port            = (PORT_NUMBER);

    emg_tcp_communication_socket    = m_socket();

    printf( "\nConnecting to target..." );

    //m_ioctl(emg_tcp_communication_socket, SO_NONBLOCK, NULL);    //make socket non blocking   

    e = m_connect(emg_tcp_communication_socket, &emg_tcp_sin, freescale_tcp_cmdcb );
   if ( e > 0 )
        send_alive = 1;
        if( e == ECONNREFUSED )
            printf( " - Cold Not Find Target, reset" );
                emg_tcp_communication_socket     = INVALID_SOCKET;
                m_close (emg_tcp_communication_socket);
                m_close (emg_tcp_server_socket);
            printf(" - error %d starting listen on emg TCP server\n", e);
                emg_tcp_communication_socket     = INVALID_SOCKET;

          m_ioctl(emg_tcp_communication_socket, SO_NONBLOCK, NULL); //make socket non blocking   

    if (e == 0)
    emg_tcp_server_socket = emg_tcp_communication_socket;