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Loading code to HCS12C64CFAE

Question asked by Stefan Timter on Apr 23, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2009 by Daniel Lundin

Hey guys,


i´m quite new to microcontroller programming. What i´m trying to do is programming a HCS12C64CFAE with latest Codewarrior version.

The microcrontroller is installed on the megasquirt EFI board ( Open source fuel injection control).


To start i was using the wizard to creat a simple project with a blinking LED. The first thing i recognized was that i wasn´t able to choose my exact processor. Only HCS12C64CFA16 or ..CFA25 to choose. So i tried with both.


After making and starting the debugger to download the Code the following Elf Loader Error occured:


Error while writing to 3C8000...3C8200

Information: No memory at this address.



At this address the flash memory is allocated as far as i know. I wonder why this tutorial project down´t work here ?


Mybe someone can help me as a beginner  .P