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LPC55S69 with USB Bootloader at USB0 not working

Question asked by Bernahrd Bressan on May 14, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by Alice_Yang



LPC55S6x/LPC55S2x/LPC552x User manual UM11126 says USB0 is also possible for ISP mode.


I tried this with LPCXpresso55S69:
       Erased Flash

       connected USB port of LPCXpresso with Windows-PC
       connected to USB1 USB Device 1fc9:0021 appeared, if poweron with ISP0 pulled down.

       connected to USB0 no USB Device was recognized by Windows with ISP0 pulled down.


What do I have to do, to test the USB-Bootloader option at USB Port0?


I want to transfer this info to use bootloader at USB0 with LPC55s28 for mass production.

see also: How to use LPC55S28 Bootloader 





Edit: Also tried to pull down P0_4 and P0_6; with P0_5 pulled up. like in Use blhost to program/erase LPC540xxM/LPC54S0xxM flash : Also no USB0 activity.