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How to program SRK_HASH in iMX7ULP?

Question asked by Norbert Varga on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by Yuri Muhin
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We've been able to extract the iMX7ULP fusemap from the i.MX 7ULP Applications Processor Reference Manual, however, we can't find the SRK_HASH location in it. Manuals of other processors (iMX6, iMX7 etc.) contain a fusemap which has the SRK_HASH location. Which bank and word do we have to program the SRK_HASH values? (We already have a working U-Boot with the fuse command, and also have the hash hex values to program)


Also the whole extracted .xlsx format fusemap seems to be invalid or incomplete, as for example if we read the boot config fuse locations on the iMX7ULP EVK board, we get zeroes:


=> fuse read 2 4
Reading bank 2:

Word 0x00000004: 00000000

However, according to the EVK board schematic .pdf (iMX7ULP-EVK-DESIGNFILES/SOM/spf-29163_b2.pdf, page 11) file, it should be 0b000000001000010000 (0x8001000). What's up with this?