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Jump to USB HID bootloader from application

Question asked by Buck Fobb on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by jeremyzhou

We're using a 1061 with qspi flash. It normally boots with boot mode "internal boot". We can successfully update the qspi flash with the NXP usb hid flashloader tools by forcing it into "serial downloader" boot mode using the proper gpio pin combination at power-on. This is good.


The "serial downloader" boot mode requires physical user interaction (holding buttons) on our product. We'd like to also add the ability to make it hands-free, via a usb command, so that the user can also update the firmware without physically interacting with the product. We have verified that erasing part of the qspi flash (i.e. invalidating it) and then power-cycling will cause the "internal boot" boot mode to execute the usb hid serial downloader. However, this is a fairly drastic method of causing it to update. Is it possible to vector/jump to the internal rom usb hid serial downloader from the application, similar to how this is possible on the LPC43xx (LPC1857 jump to USB/DFU bootloader from the application )?


Thanks for your help.