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WHITEPAPER: High-Voltage Inverter Safety System Concept for ISO 26262

Discussion created by Toño Hernández Employee on May 13, 2020

Increasing market demand and legislation are driving the need for performance and functional safety in electric vehicles (EV). In particular, two new challenges need to be addressed to ensure the future of EVs: improved SoC definition aligned to functional safety and the concerns from customers about time to market. NXP has developed a functional safety concept for an HV traction inverter that addresses these two points. It defines several system deliverables that customers can use to build their own concept more quickly.


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Both Antoine Dubois (Automotive FAE supporting Autonomous Driving and Electric vehicle) and Erik Santiago (Technical Safety Assessor) wrote this white paper to introduce this functional safety concept for HV battery electric vehicles, according to ISO 26262 recommendations regarding embedded safety system development. This paper will cover ISO 26262 methodology and consider the different work-products that NXP completed for this safety concept:

· Item definition, risk assessment, safety goal definitions, ISO Part 3

· Functional safety concept for the HV traction inverter, ISO Part 3

· Technical safety architecture for the HV traction inverter, ISO Part 4

· System faults detection and reaction, ISO Part 4