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How to configure Wifi to take priority over the Ethernet ?

Question asked by Amit Kulkarni on May 12, 2020
Latest reply on May 19, 2020 by Amit Kulkarni
Dear Team,
    Currently we are  working on IMX8QM-MEK board running with Android 9 auto. We have a scenario where we have to use both WiFi for internet connectivity on MEK and Ethernet cable to connect MEK to another Windows Machine(InterNetworking).
    But I have observed WiFi works fine until ethernet cable is plugged in. As soon as Ethernet cable is plugged in WiFi loses priority over the Ethernet and then internet doesn't work at all on MEK. To sum it up, internet from WiFi is not working when Ethernet cable is plugged in to MEK and other end of which is connected to Windows machine.
     Our requirement is to have both in working condition. How to make WiFi still be receiving internet, when Ethernet cable is connected between MEK and windows machine.
    Do we need to change any configuration file to achieve the requirement or we have to edit ConnectivityService of Android.
Hoping to hear from you,