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Java in CodeWarrior

Discussion created by Ameet Kaustav on Apr 22, 2009
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I have been reading the CodeWarrior™ Development Studio 8/16-Bit IDE User’s Guide (CW816BITIDEUG.pdf) and a certain thing caught my attention.


On page 19, in the section CodeWarrior IDE Advantages under Multiple-language support it is mentioned:


... such as C, C++, and Java, as well as in-line ...


Q: Is Java supported as a programming language for microcontrollers based on Coldfire v1 cores? In other words, does anyone program their microcontroller using Java in CodeWarrior IDE? If so, how?


Target: MCF51QE128

CodeWarrior: v6.2

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional


Ameet Kaustav.