Ameya Hardikar

QG8 on USBSPYDER Problem

Discussion created by Ameya Hardikar on Apr 22, 2009
Latest reply on May 7, 2009 by Klaus Finkenberger

Hello All,


I am working on  a Universal infrared receiver using QG8.

As VCC i have dropped 5V to 3.6V using 2 diodes in series. The output pin PTAD1 drives  a relay through a transistor.

The transistor turns on when the code is run through USBSPYDER and subsequently turns OFF also, as intended. But when i connect my circuit to independent 3.6V(which i generate from 5V), the transistor turns ON but it never responds after that. Is this something related to RESET? i have disabled COP.

Kindly help me as always.

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