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IMX7D MIPI Display

Question asked by Nick Hunn on May 12, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by Nick Hunn

Hi, I've been trying to setup a MIPI display with Linux on a IMX7Dual Sabre development board and am running into some trouble. I'm using an ST7701 display driver as my chip, which I previously had working on a parallel interface on an IMX6UL. I have ported over all the initilisation parameters so they send using the MIPI interface rather than the SPI interface I was using before. However, when I read from the chip, it returns incorrect data (Reading the chip ID does not return what the data sheets states that it will). It does not time out however.

Looking at the driver (is mipi_dsi_samsung.c the correct driver?) there seems to be a lot magic numbers setting up the PLLs. Is there any need to modify these values for my use case? Is there any guidance as to what they should be?

I also notice the pixel format is hard coded as 24-bit, is there a need to change this to have it function correctly for a 16-bit display?