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i.MX RT Boot Loading Concept Video

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on May 11, 2020
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Hi All


I am pleased to present a general i.MX RT boot loading concept that has been finalised in the uTasker project to allow:
- IP and clone protection with AES256 level security without the need to configure for BEE on-the-fly encryption
- serial loaders with various capabilities - all AES256 encrypted (USB device [MSD, KBOOT], USB host (memory stick), SD card, UART Kboot, SREC, iHEX, Ethernet, Modbus
- Integrated secure OTA (Over-The-Air) capability with intermediate storage to memory stick, SD card or QSPI flash


Video discussing and demonstrating the concept on i.MX RT 1062 (concept compatible on i.MX RT 1011 though to i.MX RT 1064):


The boot loader flow diagram can be viewed at
and the uTasker serial loader's guide at


This makes high security and flexible boot loading/OTA child's play for professional projects, with no development time needing to be lost. Videos to follow will show how simple it is to configure for any i.MX RT parts and build with MCUXpresso, IAR and GCC make file.




[uTasker project developer for Kinetis and i.MX RT]