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lost async page write and murata wifi

Question asked by An jin ho on May 11, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by jimmychan


I have an imx6qp_sabrea board and I am testing with android_p9.0.0_2.2.0-ga demo image.


First question
I want to have write permission to the / vendor folder.
If you do "mount -o remount, rw / vendor", you get an error like below.
"Buffer I / O error on dev dm-1, logical block 0, lost sync page write
EXT4-fs (dm-1): re-mounted. Opts: block_validity, delalloc, barrier, user_xattr, acl, inode_readahead_blks = 8 "


I have tried changing the value of bootargs in u-boot.
androidboot.selinux = disabled
androidboot.dm_verity = disabled
androidboot.verifiedbootstate = orange androidboot.vbmeta.device_state = unlocked
The situation remains the same.

Adding "androidboot.veritymode = disabled" will reboot the machine after booting.

Is there no other way?


Second question
In the demo image, there is Murata Type ZP module F / W, and I want to use Type 1DX moulde.
Can I change the brcmfmac4339-sdio.bin file in / vendor / firmware / brcm?
The Murata Android Guide documentation says to replace it in the "etc / firmware / bcm" folder, but Android 9.0 doesn't have it.