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Question asked by David Graham on May 11, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by Jing Pan

Hi, I am roughing in my system using the EVK-MIMXRT1020. On the evaluation board there is an i.MXRT1021DAG5A. I need a small amount of EEPROM to hold some calibration data. I have selected the Microchip 24AA04 I2C Serial EEPROM to accomplish this. I have used the SDK for the EVAL board and implemented the LPI2C4 on GPIO_SD_B1_02 and 03 so I have access on J19.

My questions:

1) Is there a better way to implement a small amount of EEPROM?

2) Can someone direct me to a code sample for the Microchip 24AA04 or larger that would hook in nicely to the SDK I2C driver?