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Question asked by Daniele Menchini on May 11, 2020
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I don't have much experience with microcontrollers.

I use MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.0

I developed my custom PCB with LPC1549 and I would like to program it by USB IAP.

If I use LPC link2 to download my code in the micro is always goes well.

I set correctly ISP0/1 and I see the directory CRP DISABLED with firmware.bin insight but if I replace this file with my .bit file the code  doesn't work.


I see il the UM10736; section 34.6.1 :

Usage note
When programming flash images via Flash Magic or Serial Wire Debugger (SWD), the
user code valid signature is automatically inserted by the programming utility. When using
USB ISP, the user code valid signature must be either part of the vector table, or the axf or
binary file must be post-processed to insert the checksum.


How can I put the user code valid signature in the vector table or how can I do the postprocessor for the binary file?

Does anyone have an example that can help me ?

Thanks in advance