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Changing RPMsg Buffer Size

Question asked by Kashyap Gada on May 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Kashyap Gada

Dear All,

I'd like to thanks the team and community for being supportive. I hope each one of you is safe. I am using Toradex iMX7D EMMC Model. 

I've successfully implemented and tested RPMsg on imx7 with default size of 512. I get about 5 KBytes/Sec of transfer rate from M4 to A7 (Python Serial script) with the default settings. Anything beyond this creates buffer full warnings on Linux. I have a requirement of around 100KBytes/Sec.

As per my previous post at and a reference to the following post

I am trying to set RPMsg Buffer size to 8192 Bytes.

  1. imx_rpmsg.c file location has changed to drivers/rpmsg/imx_rpmsg.c (different from 2nd post).

  2. I changed the buffer size to 8192 at that file and compiled kernel, also rpmsg_core.h in FreeRTOS rpmsg buffer size is changed to 8192. Yet buffer size allocated by rpmsg on m4 side is 496 Bytes only.

  3. Could I get a right method to change RPMsg Buffer Size?

  4. Is the Buffer size right amount for 100KBytes/Sec Transfer Rate.?