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Why is "LAST_NDEF_BLOCK" always zero

Question asked by Colin Gerrish on May 9, 2020
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by Jonathan Iglesias

I recently got some PCB's made and populated these with some NT3H2111 and NT3H2211 NTAG I2C plus tags.


The NFC read and write from a phone using the various NXP NFC apps, such as TagWriter, TagInfo and NTAG I2C demo all work fine.


However with the TagInfo app, in EXTRA, it tells me that my last NDEF message page address has an error as this is 0x00.


When I read the capability container from I2C it confirms this too. LAST_NDEF_BLOCK: 0x00


I can still read/write NDEF message using the apps, but I cannot read these NDEF messages from I2C.


Is this normal with unconfigured NT3H2111/NT3H2211 tags?


Or, are there certain things I need to do to get these tags "ready" so that I can read/write from I2C and also ensure that the LAST_NDEF_BLOCK is correct. So, for example, what do I do with LAST_NDEF_BLOCK. Do I have to manually set this to 0x01 before use?