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QSPI flash verify error

Question asked by Yuichi Takeda on May 10, 2020
Hello, community.
I am trying to implement a writing function to QSPI flash on iMX7Dual.
However, a verify error occurs.
In other words, what is written is different from what is read immediately after.


When I check the memory dump of the debugger, it seems that it is written correctly to the specified address of QSPI flash.
CPU MMU and cache are disabled.


I'm guessing that QSPI flash has memory like cache. And I'm guessing that the flash is written correctly, but the same contents are not reflected in the memory (or vice versa).
If so, please tell me the function, command, etc. that flushes the memory.
What else could be the cause?
Best regards,
Yuichi Takeda