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FreeMASTER graph color changes back to black

Question asked by xpress-embedo on May 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2020 by xpress-embedo

Hi All,

I am using FreeMASTER with a custom board based on MKE15Z micro-controller for tuning touch parameters.

Everything is working well, but I am facing some challenges with FreeMASTER regarding the color of variables plotted on the graph.

Whenever I want to see an electrode scope (graphical view with predicted, baseline, noise floor, etc. graphically), then by default color shown is black for all the lines, and after changing it works fine but if I select some other electrode and come back to the electrode for which I have adjusted the colors, it is again shown in black color.

Example: I started viewing Electrode 1, the plot lines are shown in black color.

I changed the color of all the plotlines for proper visualization.


Now I selected some other Electrode for viewing purpose and now if I select the Electrode1 scope, it is again shown in black color.

Is there something which I am doing wrong.

Please help me, as I have to adjust colors every time before analyzing.

Another problem is that I have to update the micro-controller name every time in the project settings of FreeMASTER.

I am using J-Link Plus for connecting FreeMASTER with my board (no serial communication is used).


Thanks in advance.