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Multicore variables sharing via header/source file

Question asked by dingelen on May 8, 2020
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I'm using the dualcore LPC55S69 for a project. It's configured so that CORE0 uses flash to executed code and SRAM0/1 for RAM, CORE1 uses SRAMX to exectued code and SRAM2 for RAM. I'm planning to uses SRAM3 (= SHARED_RAM) as a type of shared memory which is initialised by CORE0 (before CORE1 is started) and used by CORE1 during execution. Two projects are created, one for each core. On compilation, first CORE1 gets compiled and next CORE0.


There will be a lot of variables in the SHARED_RAM and it feels easiest if they are all contained in one header/source file being shared by both projects. 


How should I go about creating such a file, making sure that these variables point to the SHARED_RAM region, and for both compilation processes allocate the same address for each variable?