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How to communicate with Even Parity device?

Question asked by everk image on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 10, 2020 by Edward Karpicz

My mcu is MC9S12XEP.I use it's serial communication interface to communicate with other device which is EVEN Parity 485 Bus.It doesn't work now.But i can use PC software(Even Parity) to communicate with that device.

In the RM file : SCICR1.PE = 1 enable the parity function and insert a parity bit in the most significiant bit position.And i get the result in PC software like this:

0x01 change to 0x81

0x85 change to 0x05


Normally Even Parity will insert a parity bit at the end of data.

What can i do to communicate with Even Parity communication device using MC9S12XEP?