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CodeWarrior TAP and mobileGT 9.2

Question asked by Joergen Eriksen on May 6, 2020
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We have just purchased a CodeWarrior TAP and would like to connect it to our old MPC5200 target.

According to the forum we should use mobileGT 9.2 and download a file according to AN4780.

However, the link is no longer valid. And Google has been no use as well.

Can someone point me to the right location?


From AN4780:

Enable the use of CWTAP

Follow these steps to manually update CodeWarrior for mobileGT, version 9.2, and enable the use of CWTAP:
1.    Rename mobileGT9.2\ccs folder as ccs_old. Delete this folder after enabling the new ccs with the new CWTAP probe.
2.    Download by navigating to the link below and selecting CCS_GDB_BIN_CW_TAP_WIN:


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