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LCD 2x16 Visualization using MCF51QE and Codewarrior 6.2

Discussion created by Jorge Andres Reyes Alvarez on Apr 21, 2009
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Hi again,


Im using the ADC with 12 bits, single measure, 4MHz. CPU speed 24Mhz. TPM1 to interrupt every 1ms.



Im in a trouble. Im planning to show the values that the ADC converts to digital values. I first measure power line voltage, later the current of the phase line, and then i calculate the instantaneous power and accumulate that power to have the energy. Every sine cycle i calculate th RMS voltage (Vrms) and the RMS current (Irms). I defined the variables of Vrms and Irms like "signed long" (That's 32 bit variable), i dont know to use the floating type variables so i decided to do this way.


What im doing is something like this:




static unsigned long vrms,irms,buffer_energy,cont_unit_energy,max_unit;


static signed long inst_power,;


//every 1ms the TPM1 makes a interruption


Measure Voltage1;

Measure Current;

Measure Voltage2;


Voltage_mean=voltage1+voltage2>>1;    //to calc the mean voltage v_m=(v1+v2)/2


voltage_mean-=offset;      //substract offset value    1.5Volts=2048 LSBs



voltage_mean*=gain_voltage;      //The gain that the sense circuit has



voltage_pow2=voltage_mean*voltage_mean;       //the sum of voltage^2 of samples




   vrms=sqrt(voltage_pow2/numberofsamples_percycle);     //calculating the RMS voltage















That's what im doing.....I want to show the "Vrms", "irms" and the "cont_unit_energy" in the LCD.


* Irms is a long number....i was planning of first calculate how much digits in decimal it has, then show 5 Arms (Amperes RMS), 0.5 Arms, the MAX value would be 9 Arm.


* Vrms, the same, but with a MAX value of 135 Vrms.


* Cont_unit_energy, it's a counter and i think im going to make a lot of "IF" statements and display somethng like this...


10 Wh, 100Wh 1KWh, and a MAX value of 1000KWh



Thanks and appreciate your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!