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Working of RTI and PWU timer on MPXY8300

Discussion created by Renu Joshi on Apr 21, 2009
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Dear All,


I am working on the TPMS solution MPXY8300.  As  a base code, I am referring to the evaluation kit code provided along with the kit.  My query concerns the RTI and the periodic wake up timer.


The time base for the application is set using the PWU (Periodic wake Up timer).  the inttrupt service routine for the PWU contains the following code




void interrupt USER_4_INTERRUPT(void)


void  Periodic_Wake_UP_Measures()


unsigned char i;

_asm rti;



My question is regarding the " _asm rti; " statemtn in the funtions Periosdic_Wake_UP_MEasures.  


1. What does "_asm rti" do exactly?

2. When we are not using the RTI for the time base of the application and not setting the RTI control registers, what significance does the asm call imply?


Please help me understand the working and differences and dependencies if any of RTI and PWU.