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How to link fdt_addr and fdt file?

Question asked by jupiter hce on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 4, 2020 by Aldo Gutierrez

To flash u-boot using kobs-ng in Linux, it requires to set up higher bit ECC or kob.dtb in ubootenv, so I run:

uu "SDP: write -f imx6ull.dtb -addr 0x90000000" to start ramdisk, I can flash u-boot to NAND under kob.dtb.


But to flash rootfs image in Linux, I have to change to use normal ECC or link to a normal dtb file in ubootenv. I can run fw_setenv fdt_file dtb_file in Linux:


# fw_setenv fdt_file '/tmp/imx6ulz.dtb'

# fw_printenv fdt_file


But after flashed rootfs image to NAND, I cannot boot kernel from NAND boot any more, apparently that fw_setenv fdt_file '/tmp/imx6ulz.dtb' did not work. What can I do to change dtb file using fw_setenv?


Thank you.


- jh