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what's the reletion of pll and phy pll in imx8mm dsi

Question asked by jiang yaqiang on Apr 30, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by Ruben Charles

HI  :


      I found that , there is two descriptions about pll in imx8mm dsi:


what's the relation of them ? The "DPHY PLL" Fout max is 750M only, but PLL up to 2.1G.

And in linux-4.14.78, if DSI is connected to a panel, the PMS is hard code to 0x4210(In this setting , the output of DSI clock is 445.5Mhz), what should I set if panel's pix clock is 148.5Mhz (I have tried function sec_mipi_dsim_get_pms(dsim->bit_clk) in 4.14.78, the DIS output clock is the same 445.5Mhz)?