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Using SD-ADC in S32R274 EVB

Question asked by Sam Cooper on Apr 30, 2020
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I am new to NXP products and doing my first steps using the S32R274 EVB.

I am trying to implement a fast adc sampler for signal processing application. From the datasheet, the SAR-ADC maximum sampling frequency is 1MSps and the SD-ADC is 10MSps. For my application I would prefer the higher sampling frequency.


While mentioned few times in the datasheet and reference manual, I could not find any example or technical information on how to use the SD-ADC. The SAR-ADC is very straight forward with it's ready to use standalone component/ as part of the ADC-PAL. I also could not find an implementation in the RSDK.


If someone can please guide me toward an example or tutorial it would be great.


Thank you