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Interafcing 8GB Nand in T1042

Question asked by Debdutta Banerjee on Apr 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Debdutta Banerjee


we have MT29F64G08AFAAAWP 8GB Nand with T1042. This is a dual die device so it is connected via CS0 and CS1.


We had some issue configuring the u-boot to use whole 8GB, so we followed two approach:


Configured the u-boot to use only the 4GB on CS0 and CS1 disabled. Successfully able to read/erase/write 4GB of CS0 nand.



Configured the u-boot to only use 4GB on CS1 and CS0 disabled.

This way I am able to read from the nand flash but erase operation (though it returns success) is unable to set the contents to 0xFF. As a result write operation fails.


But strangely, I am able to read/erase/write on the 4GB of CS1 through lauterbach debugger. So I am starting to believe it is a software issue.


CS1 IFC settings in T104xRDB.h are exactly same as IFC CS0 of Case-1.

To disable CS0, this is set in include/configs/T104xRDB.h

#define CONFIG_SYS_CSPR0 0
#define CONFIG_SYS_CSOR0 0
#define CONFIG_SYS_CS0_FTIM0 0
#define CONFIG_SYS_CS0_FTIM1 0
#define CONFIG_SYS_CS0_FTIM2 0
#define CONFIG_SYS_CS0_FTIM3 0



My question:

1. Is my approach wrong?

2. can there be a hardware issue?