Gary Nelson

Can the New Project Wizard directly create a 'library' Project Type?

Discussion created by Gary Nelson on Apr 20, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2009 by Gary Nelson

I'm using the latest version of CodeWarrior for Coldfire (ver 7.1.1a build 9, IDE ver 5.9) and I'm trying to create a 'library' project type.  Rather than start from scratch, I'm trying to use the New Project Wizard facility to create this library.  Unfortunately, with this wizard it doesn't give me the option to specify a 'libary' Project Type.  Is this correct?  Am I missing something here?


Also, as I'm reading through the documentation for CodeWarrior, there is mention of a "Makefile Importer Wizard".   Unfortunately, I can't seem to find this function within CodeWarrior for Coldfire.