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Enable Loopback SerDes Configuration Tool

Question asked by Markus Rosander on Apr 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Jamie Hunt



I am trying to do an external loopback BIST-test in QCVS SerDes Configuration Tool for Lane 0 SerDes3 on a T4240 and get the following error:




TCSR3: 0x a1fff04


When I read the register for loopback mode in register SerDes3_LN0TCSR3 I see that the register is set to 00000000h which wode imply that the lane is set in Application Mode, which I guess is the reason to my error. Can I change this setting using the QCVS SerDes Configuration Tool or is the register updated automatically when running the BIST-test in External Loopback mode?


When I change the register and activate Loopback mode, using the operational system on the T4240 instead of CodeWarrior, and retry the BIST Test in CodeWarrior I get the same error.


Could it be some other explanation behind the error?


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