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The SJA1105 doesn`t woke well

Question asked by chao yu on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by chao yu


   My SJA1105T can`t work normal,i need some help. 

I had detect  signals at TXD[0:3]  from MCU to SWITCH, but i can`t detect signals at TXD[0:3] from SWITCH to PHY.

I had get some information from Software user manual for SJA1105TEL .

I read the  Initial device configuration flag register ,it shows the configuration is valid.

I read the  Ethernet high-level port status diagnostic counters part 1 ,the N_RXFRM  \N_RXFRMSH   \N_TXFRM\ N_TXFRMSH which show the tx/rx frames counter  is  always 0.