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RT600 hifi dsp debug downloading is toooooo slow

Question asked by zhang tz on Apr 27, 2020
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by Victor Jimenez

Developing environment: evkmimxrt685, McuXpresso11.1.1, XtensaXplorer, EVK onboard debugger is programmed to JLINK (as starting up guide doc says), Xtensa OCD Daemon 14.01 is used.


Just open the mu_interrupt demo program in both MCU side and DSP side. Build and download, on my win7 computer, DSP downloading (in XtensaXplorer) takes 45 seconds. Single line stepping is also very slow. I probled the SWD debugging port signals, it's just sending 4 bytes every 1ms. This means 95% of the time, the SWD port is not doing anything. Then I tired on a win10 computer, it gets quicker. Probing the SWD lines again, I can see it's sending 4 bytes every 0.3ms. Still 70% of the time, SWD is not sending anything.


How to speed up the SWD port? Can Xtensa OCD Daemon be configured in some way to accelarate?


Downloading a DSP program with 10~40 seconds, and each single line stepping takes 2~5 seconds --- nobody has the time to debug it.


Really appriciate if someone could help!