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RT600 --- data exchange between DSP and MCU in shared memory

Question asked by zhang tz on Apr 27, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

I am working on RT600 dev board (ekvmimxrt685). I've successfully evaluated the demo program of MU (inter core communication). Then I intend to evaluate inter core communication through the shared memory.


The very basic thing I intended to do is: DSP writes a value to a position. (such as put 0x12345678 to address 0x40000). Then MCU checks if it can see 0x12345678 at address 0x40000.


I found MCU could ONLY see the data that DSP writes at 0x24000000 (TCM) space. 


Then I know cache matters. And I have the following lines (in the DSP's program) before this "writng data" test: 


/* Disable DSP cache for noncacheable sections. */
xthal_set_region_attribute((uint32_t *)&NonCacheable_start,
(uint32_t)&NonCacheable_end - (uint32_t)&NonCacheable_start, XCHAL_CA_BYPASS, 0);
xthal_set_region_attribute((uint32_t *)&NonCacheable_init_start,
(uint32_t)&NonCacheable_init_end - (uint32_t)&NonCacheable_init_start, XCHAL_CA_BYPASS,


But it made me really confused, even space 0x20040000 (and following 256kbyte) are set to uncached, I still could not let MCU see DSP's writing data at 0x20040000.


Looking forward to have some support from this forum.