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Question asked by vinothkumar s on Apr 27, 2020
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Hi All,


I am working in Android Automotive with IMX8QM-MEK.


Tested with dumsys (dumpsys activity service inject-vhal-event 0x11410a00 4,2). Upon executing the above command Board and display suspend for a few seconds (2-3 secs) and resumes. When the system is suspended terminal cannot be used to communicate.


  • My expectation is after the system resumes, it should be restored to previous configuration. Suppose the system goes to sleep when I was in Settings, after it wakes up it should open with settings screen. In this case launches with default screen.
  • From second time onward the touch control doesn't work after the system resumes.
  • Also sometimes after the system resumes, it isn't showing default CAN parameters ( Gear = P, HVAC = ON , Temp.=66 )


Reference: Power Management  |  Android Open Source Project 


Thanks & Regards,

Vinoth S,