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Zigbee OTA application

Question asked by Deepanraj Anbarasan on Apr 27, 2020
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We are using nxp Zigbee device as co-ordinator which is flashed with control bridge application.


Please let us know how to generate .ota file for the 3rd party sensor so that we can update the sensor from nxp coordinator.

Also with reference to ZWGUI tool we have implemented source code to do the OTA process. 

When we do OTA with the ZWGUI tool to the end sensor it takes around 20 mins to complete. but the same thing we have implemented in which it takes around 1hr to complete the OTA and the end device is not updated with the latest firmware also.

Once after the OTA is complete we receive the end response. But as soon as we receive the end response we get the OTA Block response from the end device and the whole process begin again.

Is there any command to stop the OTA process from the end sensor or the co-ordinator to identify not to send response.


Please let us debug this issue.Provide your feedback


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