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Printing characters on to the LCD display

Question asked by Srikanth Vemula on Apr 27, 2020
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We're using i.MX6QP processor to communicate with the external LCD display through LVDS-Bridge interface. But LVDS Bridge seems to be more like a buffer, which simply transmits Differential-ended signals to the display unit. I would like to understand really which peripheral (inside i.MX) is responsible for handling the display unit. And please provide the details of communication protocol between the display and that peripheral. Basic documents, if any, helpful for understanding the processing between that peripheral and the display unit are most welcome to be shared.  


My Basic requirement is to print some characters on to the display during boot-up (planning to make part of u-boot). Is it possible? First of all, printing on to LCD display is possible?



Srikanth Vemula.