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Using sqrt() function in Codewarrior 6.2

Question asked by Jorge Andres Reyes Alvarez on Apr 20, 2009
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Im trying to use this function but it doesnt works...i put this in the header of the file that i want to use the function:


#include "math.h"       /* include math functions */


What i want to do is this....




//they are defined like (copy&paste from my main.c):

//#define NUM_MCICLO  100



//static  dword sum2corriente=0;

//static  dword irms=0;


How could i do this? i know that sqrt(double variable), is this going to work? i want it to tried but i compile the file and it gives no errro, but when i pressed the debug button then it shows this error:


Error #1> Link error: Undefined: "sqrt"
              Referenced from "TPM1_ISR" in main.c
Error #2> Link Failed.


Im using the irms calc in a Interruption subroutine....


Please help! how can i get this to work?