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RT1052 CSI & Bayer Input

Question asked by variable_andrew on Apr 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2020 by Felipe García

We have a camera connected to the CSI that provides data in Bayer 12-bit format.

We're able to get the image data and pretend it's just black/white data to either send over USB or display to an LCD, but what if we want to convert to RGB?


The RT1052 RM notes that the CSI accepts Bayer format data, but what can you do with this? As in: when CSI "accepts" the Bayer format data, and you can use CSI_CSICR2[BTS] to determine the Bayer tile start, is the CSI interface going to enable automatic conversion to RGB565 or RGB888 via the PXP perhaps? If so - how can you do this?


If the CSI and PXP are unable to do the Bayer to RGB conversion, then what is the purpose of setting the CSICR2 BTS bit? Just for statistics?