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56F80x CodeWarrior Program S-record

Question asked by Jarrod Cook on Apr 22, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by xiangjun.rong



I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to program an s-record to a 56F803, running Codewarrior 5.9 on a Windows XP 32-bit machine using a USB TAP.  I guess i have 2 problems at this point:


1.  I have a bootloader s-record file i want to program to these chips, i tried the load/save memory function in codewarrior but it doesn't seem to write the to the chip because when i read it back it is the same as before.  The address range is 0x8000 and the offset 0 and the size 2048.  The only way i can get something to program is if i open the 56F803 Example stationary Bootloader project and hit debug.  When i do this example program is programmed to the chip (verified by reading the memory back out).  And doing this leads into my second problem:


2.  Once i hit debug in the 56F803 bootloader project and it programs it i seem to lose the part.  After programming i am okay until power cycle, once the board is power cycled i am no longer able to connect to the part anytime i try i get:  "Interface function IMWProtocal::GetPreference is unimplemented" and hitting debug instead of connect produces:  "CCSProtocolPlugin: Uknown protocol error".  I opened the CCS to see more verbose messages and see this error on both actions:




USB TAP command done - Subcore error encountered during multicore operation



So i can't program the chips except with the example bootloader project and when i do that i seem to lose the chip forever.  So now i just have several bricked boards i can't seem to connect to or reprogram : /


Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!!