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EEPROM Access and functionality in LPC4367

Question asked by Gaurav More on Apr 21, 2020
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I am using LPC4367 controller in one of our upcoming project and product.  As per the user manual UM10503 it is mentioned that there is 16Kb of EEPROM. I want to use it for my application. But i want to access it through M0App core of LPC4367. 

I check for the example codes but it is using M4 core.i want to used it through M0app. As per the data and the block diagram menioned below it is accessible to both the cores.

Also when I implement the code of EEPROM usig M4 core it is getting stuck in between while reading. This behaviour is random, menas it got stuck in any address when tried multiple time. This code is integrated with the application code and then checked. but when I tried it with example code ther it is working properly.


Also cosidering the following infor ther is a dobt that whether I can use it with M0App Core?

Here the base clock is M4 clk.


Please let me know the solution for the same



Gaurav More