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[PN7150] Can Not Get The NDEF Write During Card Tag Emulation

Question asked by Kenny Liao on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2020 by Kenny Liao

Hi Experts,

We used the application "NXPNCI-K64F_example" from "" and configured it into "Card Tag Emulation" Only (CARDEMU_Support). And our final target is to write an NDEF message into the Tag from a remote reader.

But we encountered a problem that relates to NDEF Write from remote NFC Reader (Smart Phone APP "NXP" ).


Thus, we tried to set a breakpoint in the NDEF Status Machine Case "T4T_NDEF_EMU_Write" and put the Reader near the Tag to write an NDEF message, the case "T4T_NDEF_EMU_Read" was reached, but the case "T4T_NDEF_EMU_Write" does not ever into this case. The Case "T4T_NDEF_EMU_Write" command content that is "0x00, 0xD6", but we certainly do not see it. Do I misunderstand? Or miss something need to modify?

Please help us, Many Thanks.