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SE050 + NTAG5 Boost

Question asked by Julian Sauer on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by Kan_Li

Hello NXP-Community,


I am using at the moment the development Board OM2NTA5332 (NTAG5 Boost) + the OM-SE050ARD (SE050) in which the NTAG5 Boost is the I2C Master and the SE050 is the I2C Slave (default slave address 0x48).


I want to send the APDU Commands via NTAG5 Boost (NFC) to the SE050 and read the Response out of the SRAM.


Any specific drivers needed for the SE050 to communicate between these boards correctly - for the SE050 I am using the "a7x_vcom-T1oI2C-frdmk64f-SE050x.bin" at the moment which is probably the wrong one.


Which driver would be compatible to the NTAG5 Boost?


best regards